In June 2012, a respected sociology journal published a study alleging that children raised by same-sex parents are more likely to attempt suicide and experience sexual abuse than children raised by a married mother and father. More than a year later, we now know that the “New Family Structures Study” never actually measured the outcomes of children raised by same-sex couples.

Junk Science Targets Lesbian and Gay Couples

For more than a year, this study has influenced proposed legislation and legal decisions in the U.S. and abroad to hinder LGBT couples’ rights to marry and adopt children.

The Regnerus Fallout is an information campaign designed to bring you everything you need to know about this study, how it was orchestrated, and why it still matters today.

The Story

In summer 2012, a well-respected university and sociology journal together handed the religious right a weapon in the marriage wars, dressed up as academic discourse.

The Impact

Regnerus’ study is continually being cited in new and pending bills, both domestically and abroad. Regnerus and others are continuing to use his study to fight against LGBT equality.

Who Was Involved

Learn more about Mark Regnerus, Luis E. Tellez, W. Bradford Wilcox and other key players involved in the New Family Structures Study.

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